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The International Association for Green Communities is delighted to curate a diverse array of events, conferences and workshops that span the spectrum of sustainability, from waste management and green building to sustainable gardening and community development. This page is designed as a platform where individuals, community groups, and organisations can come together to share knowledge, discuss innovative solutions, and forge partnerships for a greener future. Here’s a glimpse into the enriching experiences that await you in the next few months.

Cleanup Australia Events

Cleanup Australia organises a variety of events aimed at promoting cleaner, greener, and more sustainable communities. These events encourage community participation in cleaning up local neighbourhoods, highlighting the importance of waste management and its impact on our environment. You can participate in their cleanup events and contribute directly to a cleaner Australia. Learn more about their events here.

Sustainable Gardening: Compost and Food Waste Recycling

The City of Brisbane offers workshops on composting and food waste recycling. These workshops are ideal for those looking to reduce waste, enrich soil, and contribute to a healthier environment in their own backyard. Check out these workshops here.

Free Native Plants Program

This program by the City of Brisbane offers residents and community groups access to free native plants, promoting local biodiversity and green spaces. Such initiatives can be crucial in creating green communities that are vibrant and resilient. Find more information about the program here.

From the Ground Up: Food Forest Fundamentals

Also hosted by the City of Brisbane, this workshop provides an in-depth understanding of food forests and their benefits. It offers practical tips on creating and maintaining a food forest in urban settings. This workshop can empower individuals and communities to contribute to urban biodiversity and local food security. Find more details here.

Green Building Day

The Green Building Council of Australia hosts the Green Building Day, a conference dedicated to sustainable building practices. It offers insights into green building trends, strategies, and solutions, contributing to the development of more sustainable communities. You can find out more about the conference here.

Understanding Green Star Homes

Also hosted by the Green Building Council of Australia, this webinar provides an understanding of Green Star Homes, a framework for creating healthier, resilient, and energy-efficient homes. It’s a valuable resource for individuals and communities looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Learn more about the webinar here.

Sustainable Gardening Australia: Nature Strip Planting/Verge Gardening

Sustainable Gardening Australia offers helpful resources for those interested in nature strip planting, also known as verge gardening. Such initiatives can transform urban landscapes, making them more aesthetically pleasing and ecologically vibrant. The information provided can be a great starting point for communities looking to embrace more sustainable gardening practices. Learn more about nature strip planting here.

Building Decorative Upcycled Birdhouses at The Tinkerage

The Tinkerage in Shellharbour offers a hands-on workshop on building decorative upcycled birdhouses. By utilising upcycled materials, this event emphasises the value of resource efficiency and waste reduction. It’s also an excellent opportunity to promote local biodiversity by attracting native bird species. Find out more about this workshop here.

Crafting Eco-friendly Christmas Decorations at The Tinkerage

Also hosted by The Tinkerage in Shellharbour, this workshop offers participants the opportunity to craft eco-friendly Christmas decorations. In addition to promoting creativity and community engagement, this workshop underscores the importance of sustainable holiday practices that reduce waste and minimise environmental impact. Learn more about this workshop here.

In conclusion, the diverse range of events we’ve highlighted are not just opportunities for learning and growth but also avenues for active participation in the sustainability movement. Each of these events showcases a unique approach to promoting sustainability within our communities. They also serve as reminders that every action, no matter how small, can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. We encourage you to explore these events and discover new ways to shape your community for the better.

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